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RosettaDock output

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RosettaDock output

Hi, now Iam havin gsome trouble about the RosettaDock app.

Few months ago when I proceeded the docking app, I got about 1,000 model resuts as output.

Now I get only 1 model output even though I used same input model and protocol.

Anyone can help me or having same problem with me?

Thank you!

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Wed, 2022-11-23 17:04

There is very little info in your post, so it's hard to help you.

Are you using the same version of Rosetta? Are you using the same random seed? Are you sure the inputs are the same?

Thu, 2022-11-24 00:35

Thank you for the comment,

I have been using the same version of the Rosetta (default value, 300, and I already tried the latest one as well), and also using the exactly same input structure.

Two image files are attached, one of them is the output screen I got on july (named 'previous'), and another one is a screen I am having right now (named 'current'). The result screen is pretty different than I've got on July,  and I wonder if there any updates on the online server and anything I can manipulate for the multiple results.

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Sun, 2022-11-27 20:12