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build error in HotspotStub.os in Rosetta 3.1

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build error in HotspotStub.os in Rosetta 3.1


I used Fedora 14 with all updates. When I got the new version of it build okay until this points. I think there might be error in the optimalization either in Gcc or Rosetta. I have this email knutjorgen(at) Do you think I should open a bug in Fedoras bugdatabase,


g++ -o build/src/release/linux/2.6/64/x86/gcc/protocols/hotspot_hashing/HotspotStub.os -c -std=c++98 -pipe -ffor-scope -W -Wall -pedantic -Wno-long-long -O3 -ffast-math -funroll-loops -finline-functions -finline-limit=20000 -s -Wno-unused-variable -fPIC -DNDEBUG -Isrc -Iexternal/include -Isrc/platform/linux/64/gcc -Isrc/platform/linux/64 -Isrc/platform/linux -Iexternal/boost_1_38_0 -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/include src/protocols/hotspot_hashing/
src/protocols/hotspot_hashing/ error: 'protocols::hotspot_hashing::HotspotStub::HotspotStub' names the constructor, not the type
scons: *** [build/src/release/linux/2.6/64/x86/gcc/protocols/hotspot_hashing/HotspotStub.os] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.

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Sat, 2010-12-11 03:02

The line of code that is failing is the = operator for HotspotStub. The code around it (there are #ifndefs for BOINC and WIN32) indicate that there's something a bit screwy and the Windows compilers won't accept that code. I guess newer versions of GCC won't either (I don't think any developers are using 4.5.)

Try just commenting the function out (put // at the start of each line from 75 to 88) and let me know if it works.

Sat, 2010-12-11 04:58

The only apparent difference between 3.1 and current trunk in this region is that the first HotspotStub on line 75 has been deleted (before the ::). It's still inside #ifndefs so I don't know if that will fix it or not.

Sat, 2010-12-11 05:01

Thanks it worked. I have open a bug in Perhap you could ad an ifndefs to avoid the code between 75 and 88 in HotspotStub.

Knut J

Sat, 2010-12-11 07:58