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spline constraint

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spline constraint

I havn't been able to find an example of the spline constraint histogram there an example somewhere that I missed?

Also, within the constraint code, is it possible to give an already-generated spline to use for the constraint? What are the requirements of the spline (bicubic, tricubic, etc)?


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Mon, 2012-06-25 04:43

By "example" do you mean use in a standard constraint file? Not all constraints can go in constraint files. I think the function they must implement is read_def.

I'm sure you can generate the constraint in-code however you want.

I suspect you should bump this to the list, or use SVN to track the author down and ask them directly (I can show you how).

Mon, 2012-06-25 11:02

I think your right about the later, If I can't figure it out, I'll do that (but knowing how to track them down, would be extremely helpful).

For the former, the documentation of the constraints for a spline function state that you can specify a histogram file to read in, but do not show an example or the requirements of such file....

Mon, 2012-06-25 15:10

Within SVN, the command "svn log [filename]" will call the SVN server and get a line-by-line copy of who last edited each line. The balance of the lines (either documentation or preferably the cc file that implements the class) will tell you who to harass.

Another good bet is to dig around in the SVN server directly, which has a web interface to the SVN logs. You can backtrack through revisions for a given file to find out who wrote it.

Mon, 2012-06-25 18:22