Classes used to read and write PDB files.

Detailed Description

Classes used to read and write PDB files.

A PDB file is broken up into records, made up of one line each, and
identified by a record name in the first six columns.  The different
kinds of records are described at:

Each record is made up of fields belonging to one of sixteen different
types.  The different kinds of fields are described at:

The primary public interface is @c PDBReader, which turns a PDB file
into a series of records.  It behaves as an iterator through a
PDB file.  PDBReader allows for varying implementations of file readers,
which among other things allows for investigating different levels of
efficiency.   At this point the only implementation of @c PDBReader is
the @c SimplePDBReader_.

Using a PDBReader looks like this:
  #include <rosetta/io/pdb/PDBReader.hh>

  using rosetta::io::pdb::PDBReader;
  using rosetta::io::pdb::PDBReaderOP;
  using rosetta::io::pdb::records::Record;
  using rosetta::io::pdb::records::RecordOP;

  PDBReaderOP reader_p( new <PDBReader implementation>( PDB filename ) );
  PDBReader & reader ( *reader_p );

    RecordOP record_p ( );
    Record & record ( *record_p );

    // Check the record's type and take appropriate action.
An equivalent @c PDBWriter has not yet been written.  

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