Note: This page is about the database included with Rosetta. If you want to use a separate relational database with Rosetta, check the Database IO page.

The Rosetta database contains important data files used by Rosetta during runs (for example, the definitions of what atoms are in alanine, or what the Lennard-Jones radii are).

Set for a single Rosetta run:

You have to specify the path to this database directory in the command line to run Rosetta simulations. For example:

  • rosetta.linuxgccrelease -database /path/to/rosetta/main/database other_flags

Set for multiple Rosetta runs:

Rosetta will also automatically check the $ROSETTA3_DB environment variable. If this is present, the -database option need not be set. To set it temporarily in your shell session:

  • ROSETTA3_DB=path_to_rosetta_db

Set the variable in your shell's user settings file, such as for the default shell bash: $HOME/.bashrc for linux and $HOME/.bash_profile for mac.

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