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Growing Glycans in Rosetta: Accurate de novo glycan modeling, density fitting, and rational sequon design Jared Adolf-Bryfogle, J. W Labonte, J. C Kraft, M. Shapavolov, S. Raemisch, T. Lutteke, F. Dimaio, C. D Bahl, J. Pallesen, N. P King, J. J Gray, D. W Kulp, W. R Schief bioRxiv 2021.09.27.462000;

Autogenerated Tag Syntax Documentation:

Author: Jared Adolf-Bryfogle ( Run a set of SimpleMetrics on the pose, and put the data into a features table

<SimpleMetricFeatures name="(&string;)" metrics="(&string;)" prefix="(&string;)"
        suffix="(&string;)" table_name="(simple_metrics &string;)"
        use_cached_data="(false &bool;)" fail_on_missing_cache="(true &bool;)" >
    <Simple Metric Tag ... />
  • metrics: Comma-separated list of previously defined simple_metrics to be added.
  • prefix: Prefix tag for the data. Added as an extra column in the data. Also used to grab cache data
  • suffix: suffix tag for the data. Added as an extra column in the data. Also used to grab cahce data
  • table_name: The table to add metrics to. Should match the same exact data that you had before if the table has already been created!
  • use_cached_data: Use any data stored in the datacache that matches the set metrics name (and any prefix/suffix.) Data is stored during a SimpleMetric's apply function, which is called during RunSimpleMetrics
  • fail_on_missing_cache: If use_cached_data is true, and no data is found, do we fail?

"Simple Metric Tag": Any of the SimpleMetrics

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