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Computes the SASA for each hydrophobic residue (A, F, I, M, L, W, V, Y). The score returned reflects both the number of solvent-exposed hydrophobic residues and the degree to which they are exposed. The score is calculated as follows. For each hydrophobic residue, if the SASA is above a certain cutoff value (default=20), then the value of ( SASA - sasa_cutoff ) is added to the calculated score. The filter passes if the calculated score is less than the user-specified threshold.

<ExposedHydrophobics name="(&string)" sasa_cutoff="(20 &Real)" threshold="(-1 &Real)" />
  • sasa_cutoff: If a residue has SASA lower than this value, it is considered buried and does not affect the score returned by the ExposedHydrophobics filter.
  • threshold: If a protein has an ExposedHydrophobics total score below this value, it passes the filter. If a negative threshold is specified, the filter will always pass.

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