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This filter checks whether a atom defined by residues through res_num/pdb_num and atomname are hbonded with as many hbonds as defined by partners, where each hbond needs to have at most energy_cutoff energy. For backbone-backone hydrogen bonds, turn flag on (bb_bb=1).

This filter was written in the context of protein interface design, so it may not work as expected with hydrogen bonds not across a single interface.

<HbondsToAtom name="(hbonds_filter &string)" partners="(&integer)" energy_cutoff="(-0.5 &float)" backbone="(0 &bool)" bb_bb="(0 &bool)" sidechain="(1 &bool)" atomname="(&string)" res_num/pdb_num="(&string)">
  • partners: how many hbonding partners are expected
  • backbone: should we count backbone-backbone hbonds?
  • sidechain: should we count backbone-sidechain and sidechain-sidechain hbonds?
  • atomname: to which atom in the given residue are hydrogens counted?
  • pdb_num/res_num: see RosettaScripts#rosettascripts-conventions_specifying-residues

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