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This Filter calls LoopAnalyzerMover to compute a bunch of loop-specific metrics. You can also try GeometryFilter.

<LoopAnalyzerFilter name="&string" use_tracer="(&bool)" loops_file="(&string)" >
    <Loop start="(&int)" stop="(&int)" cut="(&int)" skip_rate="(0.0 &real)" rebuild="(no &bool)"/>
  • loop: You can pass the loop(s) in as a subtag(s).
  • loops_file: You can pass the loops in as a loop file.
  • use_tracer: if false, store results in the PoseExtraScores / DataCache for output at the end of the run. If true, print results to a Tracer object.

Remaining documentation is with the underlying code, LoopAnalyzerMover.