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Generates constraints from a Rosetta constraint file. Constraints generated using this Constraint Generator can be added to the pose using the AddConstraintsMover and removed using the RemoveConstraintsMover.

<FileConstraintGenerator name="(&string)" filename="(&string)" />

filename: the file containing the constraint data. e.g.,:

CoordinateConstraint CA 380 CA 1   27.514  34.934  50.283 HARMONIC 0 1
CoordinateConstraint CA 381 CA 1   24.211  36.849  50.154 HARMONIC 0 1

The format for Coordinate constraint files is: CoordinateConstraint target_res anchor_res x y z function


This example adds and removes constraints from "my_csts.cst" to the pose using the FileConstraintGenerator.

    <AddConstraints name="add_csts" >
        <FileConstraintGenerator name="gen_my_csts" filename="my_csts.cst" />
    <RemoveConstraints name="rm_csts" constraint_generators="gen_my_csts" />
    <Add mover="add_csts" />
    <!-- do things with constraints -->
    <Add mover="rm_csts" />

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