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Adds a chainbreak at the specified position

<AddChainBreak name="(&string)" resnum="(&string)" change_foldtree="(1 &bool)" find_automatically="(0 &bool)" distance_cutoff="(2.5&Real)" remove="(0 &bool)"/>
  • resnum: add a chainbreak at the given position. Specifically, add the CUTPOINT_LOWER variant type to the given residue and a CUTPOINT_UPPER to resnum + 1.
  • change_foldtree: add a jump at the cut site.
  • find_automatically: find cutpoints automatically according to the distance between subsequent C and N atoms.
  • distance_cutoff: the distance cutoff between subsequent C and N atoms at which to decide that a cutpoint exists.
  • remove: if true remove the chainbreak from the specified position rather than add it.

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