Autogenerated Tag Syntax Documentation:

Print the Pose's labels

<DisplayPoseLabelsMover name="(&string;)" title_width="(15 &string;)"
        use_dssp="(1 &bool;)" write="(0 &bool;)"
        task_factory="(&string;)" packer_palette="(&named_packer_palette;)"
        movemap_factory="(&string;)" />
  • title_width: Width assigned to print the label names to garantee alignment of the representation.
  • use_dssp: Use DSSP if the Pose has no Secondary Structure Assigned (is all loop).
  • write: Write the LABELS as a REMARK in the output structure or silent file (overwrites previous REMARKS with the title LABELS).
  • task_operations: A comma-separated list of TaskOperations to use.
  • task_factory: A TaskFactory specification to use.
  • packer_palette: A previously-defined PackerPalette to use, which specifies the set of residue types with which to design (to be pruned with TaskOperations).
  • movemap_factory: MoveMapFactory to print aligned to the residues

This is mainly an informative Mover. It will print the labels assigned to each residue of the pose as an alignment over the sequence. If TaskOperations and or MoveMapFactory is provided, it will also show packable/editable - bb/chi movable residues.
Furthermore, it will save the labels of the Pose as a REMARK, which can be read back by LabelPoseFromResidueSelectorMover.