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For some reason, the value reported by Filters to the scorefile is their value at the end of the run, not their value at the time they perform the filtering operation. This Mover stores a Filter's report value at the time it is called into the PoseExtraScores for later output to the scorefile. This value can be extracted using ReadPoseExtraScoreFilter.

<FilterReportAsPoseExtraScoresMover name="&string" report_as="(&string)" filter_name="(&string)"/>
  • report_as: the string label for the report to the scorefile. It shouldn't be the same as the filter's report label; otherwise I'm not sure which overwrites the other. This is necessary because because the filter is still going to report its usual end-of-the-run value.
  • filter_name: The Filter object to run. It expects to go dig this out of the DataMap, so it should have been declared in the FILTERS block of your xml.


The Add tag in the protocols sections accepts report_at_end value, which will prevent filters returning the value at the end of the run. For example

<Add filter="vbuns" report_at_end="false"  />

Coupled with the -mute protocols.rosetta_scripts.ParsedProtocol.REPORT flag, filters will only get called once and return the expected value.

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