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Repeatedly applies a sub-mover until the given filter returns a value within the given delta for the given number of cycles

<IteratedConvergence name="(&string)" mover="(&string)" filter="(&string)" delta="(0.1 &real)" cycles="(1 &integer)" maxcycles="(1000 &integer)" />
  • mover - the mover to repeatedly apply
  • filter - the filter to use when assaying for convergence (should return a reasonable value from report_sm())
  • delta - how close do the filter values have to be to count as converged
  • cycles - for how many mover applications does the filter value have to fall within delta of the reference value before counting as converged. If the filter is outside of the range, the reference value is reset to the new filter value.
  • maxcycles - exit regardless if filter doesn't converge within this many applications of the mover - intended mainly as a safety check to prevent infinite recursion.

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