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RemoveConstraints Mover

Removes a set of constraints generated by a constraint generator from the pose. The constraint generator must have been previously defined in an AddConstraintsMover.

<RemoveConstraints name="(&string)" constraint_generators="(&string)" />

constraint_generators - Comma-seperated list of the constraint generators which created the constraints to be removed. The constraint generators must have been defined previously in an AddConstraints mover.


This example generates coordinate constraints for all sheet residues, adds them to the pose, and then removes them.

    <SecondaryStructureSelector name="sheet" ss="E" use_dssp="1" />
    <AddConstraints name="add_coord_csts" >
        <CoordinateConstraintGenerator name="coord_cst_gen" residue_selector="sheet" />
    <RemoveConstraints name="rm_coord_csts" constraint_generators="coord_cst_gen" />
    <Add mover="add_coord_csts" />
    <!-- do things with constraints in pose -->
    <Add mover="rm_coord_csts" />

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