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This Mover is used to return known sidechain conformations to a centroid pose. Many protocols take fullatom input, do a centroid "broad sampling" / perturbation step, then do a fullatom refinement step (for example, loop modeling). This Mover is used to route the input sidechains for the original fullatom input Pose around a centroid phase so that the data are not lost. (Obviously, some of those sidechains will be inappropriate for the new conformation - but maybe large parts are internally rigid and the crystal sidechains are good).

It's not actually RosettaScripts compatible, because SaveAndRetrieveSidechainsMover already is. The two were accidentally developed in parallel years ago. However, ReturnSidechainMover has the advantage of being at a lower library level of protocols (it's in .3 as part of simple_moves) so it's a more available choice for C++ protocol writing.

It takes its reference pose - the one to return sidechains from - in its constructor.

SwitchResidueTypeSetMover is its reverse-companion (for putting centroid where fullatom is).

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