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Add coordinate constraints to all residues that are considered designable by the task_operations. Mean and SD are hardwired to 0,1 at present. If you want to use this, don't forget to make downstream movers aware of coordinate constraints by changing their scorefxn's coordinate_constraint weight.

<TaskAwareCsts name="(&string)" anchor_resnum="('' &string)" task_operations="(&comma-delimited list of task operations)"/>
  • anchor_resnum: which residue to use as anchor for the coordinate constraints? Since Rosetta conformation sampling is done in torsion space coordinate constraints are relative to a position. If this option is not set the anchor is set to the first designable residue defined in the task_operations. Use general pose numbering here: 3 means 3rd residue in the pose, whereas 3B means residue 3 in chain b. The residue number is parsed at apply time.
  • task_operations: residues defined as designable have coordinate restraints placed on their CAs.

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