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Jared Adolf-Bryfogle;; PI: Roland Dunbrack


Insert a whole pose into another. Loops, linkers, whaterver. No modeling here. Wrapper to utility function insert_pose_into_pose.

Residues between start + end should be deleted before using this mover if needed. See DeleteRegionMover or KeepRegionMover for how to do this is RosettaScripts.

Use the SavePoseMover to give the pose to this mover. Works the same way in terms of saving and giving the reference pose as in the CCDEndsGraftMover XML example.

XML Script

Combine with SavePoseMover

   <InsertPoseIntoPoseMover name="(&string)" start_pdb_num (&string) end_pdb_num="(&string)" copy_pdbinfo="(&bool, false)" spm_reference_name=/>

Required XML Options

  • start_pdb_num: PDB Number to start keep region from (including it). Ex: 24L. Use start_res_num instead for internal numbering
  • end_pdb_num: PDB Number to end keep region at (including it); Ex: 42L. Use end_res_num instead for internal numbering
  • spm_reference_name (&string): The name of the reference pose we are inserting. See SavePoseMover for more info.

Optional XML Options

  • copy_pdbinfo (&bool) (default=false): Copy the PDBInfo (PDB residue numbers and chain Ids) into the new pose. Make these able to be output in the final pose.

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