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Jared Adolf-Bryfogle;

PI: Roland Dunbrack


Keeps a region of the current pose, deletes all the rest. Residue number is parsed at apply time (PROTOCOLS section), so it does not nessessarily need to exist in the definition section (MOVERS section) (AKA for Protein Grafting).

Autogenerated Tag Syntax Documentation:

Author: Jared Adolf-Bryfogle ( Keeps a specified region of the current pose and deletes the rest

References and author information for the KeepRegionMover mover:

KeepRegionMover Mover's citation(s): Adolf-Bryfogle J, Kalyuzhniy O, Kubitz M, Weitzner BD, Hu X, Adachi Y, Schief WR, and Dunbrack Jr RL Jr. (2018). RosettaAntibodyDesign (RAbD): A general framework for computational antibody design. PLoS Comput Biol 14(4):e1006112. doi: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1006112.

<KeepRegionMover name="(&string;)" nter_overhang="(0 &non_negative_integer;)"
        cter_overhang="(0 &non_negative_integer;)" start="(&string;)"
        end="(&string;)" />
  • nter_overhang: Number of residues N terminal to start to include
  • cter_overhang: Number of residues C terminal to end to include
  • start: (REQUIRED) First residue to keep
  • end: (REQUIRED) Last residue to keep

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