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A basic PackerPalette permitting design with the canonical 20 amino acids. (Note that, to preserve backward compatibility, this PackerPalette also permits design with all DNA types at DNA positions.) This PackerPalette has no user-configurable options. Since a DefaultPackerPalette is created automatically by Rosetta by default in the absence of an explicit PackerPalette specified by the user, it is rarely necessary to script a DefaultPackerPalette explicitly. (The one situation in which this might arise would be if the default PackerPalette were overridden on the command line with the -packer_palette:extra_base_type_file option, and one particular design step was to exclude the extra base types.)

To design with additional residue types, see `CustomBaseTypePackerPalette`.

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Sets up a default packer palette, with no user-configurable options. This permits design with canonical residue types only. (Note that this is the default behaviour in the absence of a PackerPalette, too.)

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DefaultPackerPalette PackerPalette's citation(s): Mulligan VK, Kang CS, Sawaya MR, Rettie S, Li X, Antselovich I, Craven T, Watkins A, Labonte JW, DiMaio F, Yeates TO, and Baker D. (2020). Computational design of mixed chirality peptide macrocycles with internal symmetry. Protein Sci 29(12):2433-45. doi: 10.1002/pro.3974.

<DefaultPackerPalette name="(&string;)" />

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