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NoDesignPackerPalette documentation created by Vikram K. Mulligan ( on 20 February 2019.


A PackerPalette permitting only the existing residue type at each position. This prevents any design.

Note that, although the same effect can be achieved using a PreventRepacking TaskOperation and the DefaultPackerPalette, it is slightly more efficient to use a NoDesignPackerPalette. Under the hood, the former involves creating a list of the 20 canonical amino acids, then throwing it away, while the latter involves only selecting the current residue type. This only makes a difference in rare situations in which repeated packer setup occurs rapidly.

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Sets up an empty packer palette, specifying no residues, with no user-configurable options. This restricts the packer to repacking. Note that this behaviour can be achieved with the RestrictToRepacking task operation, but doing this with the PackerPalette can be preferable since it means that, under the hood, we're not unnecessarily setting up a list of ResidueTypes only to delete them all.

<NoDesignPackerPalette name="(&string;)" />

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