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During packing, extra rotamers can be used to increase sampling. Use this TaskOperation to specify for all residues at once what extra rotamers should be used. Note: The extrachi_cutoff is used to determine how many neighbors a residue must have before the extra rotamers are applied. For example of you want to apply extra rotamers to all residues, set extrachi_cutoff=0 . See the Extra Rotamer Commands section on the resfiles page for additional details.

 <ExtraRotamersGeneric name="(&string)"
ex1="(0 &boolean)" ex2="(0 &boolean)" ex3="(0 &boolean)" ex4="(0 &boolean)"
ex1aro="(0 &boolean)" ex2aro="(0 &boolean)" ex1aro_exposed="(0 &boolean)" ex2aro_exposed="(0 &boolean)"
ex1_sample_level="(7 &Size)" ex2_sample_level="(7 &Size)" ex3_sample_level="(7 &Size)" ex4_sample_level="(7 &Size)"
ex1aro_sample_level="(7 &Size)" ex2aro_sample_level="(7 &Size)" ex1aro_exposed_sample_level="(7 &Size)" ex2aro_exposed_sample_level="(7 &Size)" 
exdna_sample_level="(7 &Size)"
extrachi_cutoff="(18 &Size)"/> 

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