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Read a resfile. If a filename is given, read from that file. Otherwise, read the file specified on the commandline with -packing:resfile.

<ReadResfile name="(&string)" filename="(&string)" selector="(&string)" />

Optionally, a previously-defined ResidueSelector may be specified using the selector=(&string) option. If this is used, then the ResidueSelector is used as a mask, and the ReadResfile TaskOperation is applied only to those residues selected by the ResidueSelector, even if the resfile lists other residues as well. This can be useful when used in conjunction with conformation-dependent ResidueSelectors -- a user can, for example, select the protein core with the LayerSelector ResidueSelector and then apply a resfile to define different sets of amino acids for different positions in the linear sequence, to be applied only if they lie in the core. If the selector=(&string) option is not used, the ReadResfile taskoperation is applied to all residues defined in the resfile.

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