Residue Level Task Operations

Residue Level TaskOperations control the packer at the residue level, in combination with ResidueSelectors.

Use these as a subtag (without the name) for OperateOnResidueSubset (or the deprecated OperateOnCertainResidues). Only one may be used per OperateOnResidueSubset/OperateOnCertainResidues tag.

Residue Level TaskOperations can also be declared as stand alone in their own tag <RESIDUE_LEVEL_TASK_OPERATIONS> and passed to DesignRestrictions.


Turn off design on the positions selected.

<RestrictToRepackingRLT name="(&string;)" />


Turn off design and repacking on the positions selected.

<PreventRepackingRLT name="(&string;)" />


Do not allow design to amino acid identities that are not listed (i.e. permit only those listed) at the positions selected.

<RestrictAbsentCanonicalAASRLT name="(&string;)" aas="(&string)"/>


Except for the native amino acid, do not allow design to amino acid identities that are not listed (i.e. permit only those listed + native).

<RestrictAbsentCanonicalAASExceptNativeRLT name="(&string;)" aas="(&string;)" />


Add the given "behavior" to the positions selected by the accompanying ResFilter.

<AddBehaviorRLT name="(&string;)"  behavior="(&string)"/>


Restrict design to not include a residue as an possibility in the task at a position unless it is the starting residue.

<DisallowIfNonnativeRLT name="(&string;)" disallow_aas="(&string;)" />


During packing, extra rotamers can be used to increase sampling. Use this TaskOperation to specify for all residues at once what extra rotamers should be used.


Includes current rotamers of the pose in the rotamer set.

<IncludeCurrentRLT name="(&string;)" />


Move only toward a lower cutoff for #neighbors w/i 10A that qualify a residue to be considered buried.

<ExtraChiCutoffRLT name="(&string;)" extrachi_cutoff="(18 &non_negative_integer;)" />


preserves c-beta during rotamer building for selected residues. Under development and untested. Use at your own risk.

<PreserveCBetaRLT name="(&string;)" />

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