Note: This page is for LegacySEWING.

This is an outdated page. For information on the current version of sewing, please visit the AssemblyMover and AppendAssemblyMover pages.

The RepeatAssemblyMover is intended for the design of repeat proteins using the SEWING framework. Due to the graph-traversal based generation of backbones used by SEWING, repeat protein generation is relatively easy; one needs only to find cycles in the graph. This mover is currently under active development, and as such many of the features expected in a SEWING mover may not be implemented (for instance, this mover currently does not respect the RequirementSet)

Command line options

See Assembly of models for required and optional command-line options.

RosettaScripts options

  • num_repeating_segments: Used to determine the size of the final assembly (see below).


WARNING: Currently the num_repeating_segments options of this tag is misleading. The below tag will actually generate an assembly with 4 repeating segments (e.g. helix-loop-helix-loop). The final repeat in the created assembly will be missing the last segment (e.g. helix-loop-helix). This should be fixed soon and the documentation will be updated to reflect this change

<RepeatAssemblyMover name="assemble" num_repeating_segments="2" />

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