Autogenerated Tag Syntax Documentation:

A metric to report the SapScore of a specific region of a pose. Also see the AddSapConstraintMover. See this paper for more info on sap: Developability index: a rapid in silico tool for the screening of antibody aggregation propensity. Lauer, et. al. J Pharm Sci 2012

<SapScoreMetric name="(&string;)" custom_type="(&string;)"
        score_selector="(true_selector &string;)"
        sap_calculate_selector="(&string;)" sasa_selector="(&string;)"
        hydrop_lys_arg_setting="(&real;)" hydrop_adder="(&real;)" />
  • custom_type: Allows multiple configured SimpleMetrics of a single type to be called in a single RunSimpleMetrics and SimpleMetricFeatures. The custom_type name will be added to the data tag in the scorefile or features database.
  • score_selector: Which residues should be included in the sap score? Optional, will default to full-pose.
  • sap_calculate_selector: Which residues should be present during the sap calculation? Only residues in the score_selector will have their values reported, but residues in this selector will still be assigned atom-saps which can affect the residues in score_selector. Optional, will default to score_selector.
  • sasa_selector: Which residues should be present during the sasa calculation? Optional, will default to sap_calculate_selector.
  • hydrop_lys_arg_setting: Manually adjust the hydrophobicity of ARG and LYS to be this value.
  • hydrop_adder: Add this value to all hydrophobicity values.