Rosetta 3.2.1 Release Manual

Documentation for the loop modeling application


This document was edited Nov 1st 2008 by Yi Liu. This application in mini was created by Michael Tyka, et al. Most of the contents are still based on the Rosetta++ loop tutorial written by Chu Wang 2007.


This file only contents loop relax example at this moment. See mini/test/integration/tests/loop_modeling for an example loop relax run and input files.


Purpose and Algorithm

This protocol was developed to be combined with Rosetta full atom structure refinement (relax mode) to streamline the task of comparative modeling. Briefly, it identifies structural variable regions from an ensemble of refined models by Rosetta fullatom refinement protocol and then models these loops using a protocol similar to the pose-based protocol.

Input Files

Command lines

You can run loop modeling with the following flags:
-loops::input_pdb inputs/4fxn.start_0001.pdb
-loops::loop_file inputs/4fxn.loop_file
-loops::frag_sizes 9 3 1
-loops::frag_files  inputs/cc4fxn_09_05.200_v1_3.gz inputs/cc4fxn_03_05.200_v1_3.gz none
-out::prefix 4fxn_
Other combinable flags:
Centroid remodelling:  -loops::remodel [perturb_ccd|perturb_alc|quick_ccd|old_looprelax]
Fullatom refinement:  -loops::refine [refine_ccd|refine_alc]
FA Relax:  -loops::relax [fullrelax|shortrelax|fastrelax]

For more information about loop modeling flags, please check the options list

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