Rosetta 3.2.1 Release Manual

Template page for Subdirectories of Libraries

Table of Contents

-Overview of Directory -Important Classes/Files in this Directory -Lateral Dependencies -Readmes, Code Snippets, and Tutorials -Code Design, Extension, and Comments -Index of Directory

Overview of Directory

This directory contains files/code related to this area.

Important Classes/Files in this Directory

This section should list important classes/files in this directory

Lateral Dependencies

This section should describe what direct code dependencies are included in the folder. The idea being that if you can isolated subdirectories from each other we might be able to get away with building few source files. For example if Abinitio-Relax only contains code in protocols in the abrelax subdirectory of protocols, then we could create build scripts that only builds and links that portion of protocols.

Readmes, Code Snippets, and Tutorials

This section should contain links for Readmes, Code Snippets, and Tutorials enabling developers to use the code/files located in this directory.

Code Design, Extension, and Comments

This section should contain any documents related to the development and extension of code in this directory (e.g. documenation on current implementation of given algorithms).

Planned Extensions, Known Limitations, Wish List of things needed

Index of Directory

I think that Doxygen might be able to generate this for us automatically. Maybe some can check that out. The idea would be to link to all files in this directory and all the index pages of subdirectories.

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