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Template Doxygen Page for Documenting an Application

Kristian Kaufmann
location: doc/TemplateDoxygenPages/TemplateAppDocPage.dox

last updated: 1-21-2009

ligand_dock is an example of a page like this should look.


The objective of this application is to perform these modeling tasks.

Table of Contents

Overview of the Application

Describe the application and what steps are taken during execution of the application, including preprocessing and post processing of files. A flowchart is particularly recommended for this section.

Relevant Literature

Required Tools and Input files

List and comment on any required additional tools or input files

Optional Tools and Input files

List and comment on any optional tools or input files

Location of Demo Files

Tell readers where they can find files which can be used to complete the operations you describe in this page.

Preprocessing of input files

Describe any preprocessing of files that is required or recommended. Operations such as cleaning of pdb files should be mentioned here.

Running the Application

Describe any useful flags or combination of flags for this application. Descibe what readers should expect as output from the application. Include examples of commonly used combination of flags. Write this section as throughly as you can. The better you write this section the less questions you'll receive and the more popular your application will be.

Postprocessing of Files

Describe the post processing of files. Include as much guidance as possible regarding the evaluation/quantification of results. Give guidance as to limits of your applications. How accurate/precise do you expect the results to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Include commonly encountered questions.

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