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ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv Class Reference

DimensionExpressionDiv: DimensionExpression Binary Division. More...

#include <DimensionExpressionDiv.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 DimensionExpressionDiv (DimensionExpressionDiv const &exp)
 Copy Constructor.
 DimensionExpressionDiv (DimensionExpression const &exp1, DimensionExpression const &exp2)
 Expression Constructor.
 DimensionExpressionDiv (DimensionExpression *exp1_p_a, DimensionExpression *exp2_p_a)
 Expression Pointer Constructor (Ownership Transfer)
DimensionExpressionclone () const
DimensionExpressionclone (Dimension const &dim) const
 Clone with Dimension Substitution.
virtual ~DimensionExpressionDiv ()
bool initialized () const
bool integer () const
bool constant () const
bool reference () const
bool reducible () const
double operator() () const
double value () const
void insert_observer (Observer &observer) const
 Insert an Observer.
void remove_observer (Observer &observer) const
 Remove an Observer.
void destructed (Subject const &subject)
 Update for Destruction of a Subject.

Detailed Description

DimensionExpressionDiv: DimensionExpression Binary Division.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv::DimensionExpressionDiv ( DimensionExpressionDiv const &  exp) [inline]

Copy Constructor.

Referenced by clone().

ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv::DimensionExpressionDiv ( DimensionExpression const &  exp1,
DimensionExpression const &  exp2 
) [inline]

Expression Constructor.

ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv::DimensionExpressionDiv ( DimensionExpression exp1_p_a,
DimensionExpression exp2_p_a 
) [inline]

Expression Pointer Constructor (Ownership Transfer)

virtual ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv::~DimensionExpressionDiv ( ) [inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

DimensionExpression* ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv::clone ( ) const [inline, virtual]
DimensionExpression* ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv::clone ( Dimension const &  dim) const [inline, virtual]
bool ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv::constant ( ) const [inline, virtual]
void ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv::destructed ( Subject const &  subject) [inline, virtual]

Update for Destruction of a Subject.

Implements ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression.

References ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpression::destructed().

bool ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv::initialized ( ) const [inline, virtual]
void ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv::insert_observer ( Observer observer) const [inline, virtual]
bool ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv::integer ( ) const [inline, virtual]
double ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv::operator() ( ) const [inline, virtual]
bool ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv::reducible ( ) const [inline, virtual]
bool ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv::reference ( ) const [inline, virtual]
void ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv::remove_observer ( Observer observer) const [inline, virtual]
double ObjexxFCL::DimensionExpressionDiv::value ( ) const [inline, virtual]

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