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tools::CppParser::CppClass Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def getVirtualBases
def isBase
def isDepend
def getChildrenContext
def getAllVirtualFunctions
def isCreatable
def isCopyable
def isCallbackStructNeeded
def isWrapable
def isHeldTypeOP
def getHeldType
def markConstOverloaded
def write_implicitly_convertible_code
def getCallbackClassName
def getExposerName
def wrap_prefix_code
def wrap
def wrap_
def getFileList
def __repr__

Public Attributes


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def tools::CppParser::CppClass::__init__ (   self,

Member Function Documentation

def tools::CppParser::CppClass::__repr__ (   self)
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::getAllVirtualFunctions (   self,
  checkAll = True 
fill dict with all virtual functions that need to be implemented before class could be created. {full cpp name : CppFunction}
- return non-empty dict if all function that needed (pure_virtual) are wrapable, and false ({}) otherwise
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::getCallbackClassName (   self)
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::getChildrenContext (   self)
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::getExposerName (   self,
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::getFileList (   self)
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::getHeldType (   self,
  heldTypeBase = None 
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::getVirtualBases (   self)
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::isBase (   self,
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::isCallbackStructNeeded (   self)
Return True if class have public virtual functions, so it make sense to allow callback from Python...
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::isCopyable (   self,
  asBase = False 
check if there is private constructor and assign operator
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::isCreatable (   self,
  asBase = False,
  with_callback_struct = False 
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::isDepend (   self,
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::isHeldTypeOP (   self)
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::isWrapable (   self)
Check if we can really wrap this object now, not theoretical but practically...
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::markConstOverloaded (   self)
function.const_overloaded → True/False for all coonst member functions if the same non-const function present
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::wrap (   self,
  indent = '' 
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::wrap_ (   self,
  indent = '',
  use_callback_struct = False 
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::wrap_prefix_code (   self,
  indent = '' 
def tools::CppParser::CppClass::write_implicitly_convertible_code (   self,

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