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src/basic/ File Reference
#include <basic/MetricValueIO.hh>
#include <basic/MetricValue.hh>
#include <string>
#include <sstream>


namespace  basic


template<class T >
bool basic::write_metric_value_scalar (std::ostream &os, MetricValue< T > const &metric_value, std::string const &type_name)
template<class T >
bool basic::write_metric_value_vector1 (std::ostream &os, MetricValue< vector1< T > > const &metric_value, std::string const &type_name)
bool basic::write_metric_value (std::ostream &os, MetricValueBase const &metric_value)
 central write introspection and delegation function
bool basic::handles_metric_value (MetricValueBase const &metric_value)
 check whether a MetricValue can be written to or read from a stream
template<class T >
bool basic::read_metric_value_scalar (std::istream &is, MetricValueBase &metric_value)
template<class T >
bool basic::read_metric_value_scalar (std::istream &is, MetricValueBaseOP &metric_value)
template<class T >
bool basic::read_metric_value_vector1 (std::istream &is, MetricValueBase &metric_value)
template<class T >
bool basic::read_metric_value_vector1 (std::istream &is, MetricValueBaseOP &metric_value)
template<class MetricValueBase_or_MetricValueBaseOP >
bool basic::read_metric_value_template (std::istream &is, MetricValueBase_or_MetricValueBaseOP &metric_value)
 central read introspection and delegation function
bool basic::read_metric_value (std::istream &is, MetricValueBase &metric_value)
 read a MetricValue from a stream, returns true if successful
MetricValueBaseOP basic::read_metric_value (std::istream &is)
 read a MetricValue from a stream, returns NULL if unsuccessful

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Colin A. Smith
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