Rosetta 3.3
Unit test and Performance test Mini Rosetta Documentation

Literally compare files, line by line: TS_ASSERT_FILE_EQ. This assert will pass if files are equal and generate unit test error otherwise. Example:

    #include <cxxtest/TestSuite.h>
    TS_ASSERT_FILE_EQ("original.pdb", "new.pdb");  // will generate error if files are different

Compare files as a string of double numbers: TS_ASSERT_FILE_EQ_AS_DOUBLE. This command read two text file convert them to a vector of doubles (using space as separator) and compare vector of doubles using specified absolute and relative tolerance. Example:

    #include <cxxtest/TestSuite.h>
    // comapring files "original_score.txt" and "new_score.txt" as vectors of double with abs. tolerance .001 and relative tolerance .1
    TS_ASSERT_FILE_EQ_AS_DOUBLE("original_score.txt", "new_score.txt",
                .001,  // absolute tolerance
                .1);    // relative tolerance

inline void core_init_with_additional_options( std::string const & commandline_in ) Reinitialize option system in middle of the test with additional arguments. Actual command line that will be used is equal original command line (which was supplied to unit test executable) + new arguments supplied to the function.

Please note that this function do not delete any singletons that already was allocated (for example ResidueSet). If you need to re-initialize such singleton - delete them by hand before calling this function.

    #include <test/core/init_util.hh>
    // calling core::init with a new command line = old cm.line + "-score_only -out:file:fullatom"
    core_init_with_additional_options( "-score_only -out:file:fullatom" );
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