Rosetta 3.3
Changes Need to Achieve Protein and RNA compatability in Rosetta
Caleb Cassidy


Last edited 8-16-10. Documentation by Caleb Cassidy


Currently, Rosetta can easily handle poses that have both protein and DNA. However, poses with RNA and protein will cause Rosetta to crash. By making a few simple database changes, it is possible to get compatability between RNA and protein in Rosetta.

How to achieve compatability?

All the files necessary for RNA/protein compatability already exist in the minirosetta database. All that we'll be doing is copying the RNA parameter files and patch files from the rna residue type set to the full atom standard residue type set.

Useful Tips

If you plan on using Rosetta to build RNA, be aware that the one letter codes for nucleic acids A, G, and C are shared between RNA and DNA. The RNA parameter files show that the names necessary for the pdb reader to recognize RNA residues are rA, rG, rC, rU respectively so it may be necessary to edit your pdb file. Additionally, the full atom patch 12 score function is initialized with an option to exclude DNA-DNA interactions, which applies to all nucleic acid - nucleic acid interactions, so if RNA-RNA interactions are important to you it will be necessary to set this option to false in the code.

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