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src/ObjexxFCL/ File Reference
#include <ObjexxFCL/char.functions.hh>
#include <cctype>
#include <cstddef>
#include <cstring>


namespace  ObjexxFCL

Objexx Fortran Compatibility Library.


char const ObjexxFCL::SPACE ( ' ')
bool ObjexxFCL::equal (char const c, char const d, bool const exact_case)
 char == char Case-Optionally?
bool ObjexxFCL::equali (char const c, char const d)
 char == char Case-Insensitively
bool ObjexxFCL::is_blank (char const c)
 Character is Blank?
bool ObjexxFCL::not_blank (char const c)
 Character is Not Blank?
bool ObjexxFCL::is_any_of (char const c, std::string const &s)
 Character is in a string?
bool ObjexxFCL::is_any_of (char const c, c_cstring const s)
 Character is in a cstring?
char & ObjexxFCL::lowercase (char &c)
 Lowercase a Character.
char & ObjexxFCL::uppercase (char &c)
 Uppercase a Character.
char ObjexxFCL::lowercased (char const c)
 Lowercased Copy of a Character.
char ObjexxFCL::uppercased (char const c)
 Uppercased Copy of a Character.
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