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utility::options::VectorOption Class Reference

Program vector-valued option interface class. More...

#include <VectorOption.hh>

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Public Member Functions

virtual VectorOptionclone () const =0
 Clone this.
virtual ~VectorOption ()
virtual VectorOptionactivate ()=0
virtual VectorOptiondeactivate ()=0
virtual VectorOptionto_default ()=0
 Set to default value, if any.
virtual VectorOptionclear ()=0
virtual VectorOptioncl_value (std::string const &value_str)=0
 Value assignment from a command line string.
virtual VectorOptionn (Size const n_a)=0
 Fixed number of values required assignment.
virtual VectorOptionn_lower (Size const n_a)=0
 Lower number of values allowed assignment.
virtual VectorOptionn_upper (Size const n_a)=0
 Upper number of values allowed assignment.
virtual bool fixed_size () const =0
 Fixed number of values required?
virtual Size n () const =0
 Fixed number of values required (zero if none)
virtual Size n_lower () const =0
 Lower number of values allowed (zero if none)
virtual Size n_upper () const =0
 Upper number of values allowed (zero if none)
virtual bool legal_default_value () const =0
 Legal or inactive default value?
virtual bool legal_default_size () const =0
 Legal default value size?
virtual bool legal_value () const =0
 Legal value?
virtual bool legal_size () const =0
 Legal value size?

Protected Member Functions

 VectorOption ()
 Default constructor.
 VectorOption (VectorOption const &option)
 Copy constructor.
VectorOptionoperator= (VectorOption const &)
 Copy assignment.

Detailed Description

Program vector-valued option interface class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

utility::options::VectorOption::VectorOption ( ) [inline, protected]

Default constructor.

utility::options::VectorOption::VectorOption ( VectorOption const &  option) [inline, protected]

Copy constructor.

virtual utility::options::VectorOption::~VectorOption ( ) [inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual VectorOption& utility::options::VectorOption::activate ( ) [pure virtual]
virtual VectorOption& utility::options::VectorOption::cl_value ( std::string const &  value_str) [pure virtual]
virtual VectorOption& utility::options::VectorOption::clear ( ) [pure virtual]
virtual VectorOption* utility::options::VectorOption::clone ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual VectorOption& utility::options::VectorOption::deactivate ( ) [pure virtual]
virtual bool utility::options::VectorOption::fixed_size ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual bool utility::options::VectorOption::legal_default_size ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual bool utility::options::VectorOption::legal_default_value ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual bool utility::options::VectorOption::legal_size ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual bool utility::options::VectorOption::legal_value ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual Size utility::options::VectorOption::n ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual VectorOption& utility::options::VectorOption::n ( Size const  n_a) [pure virtual]
virtual Size utility::options::VectorOption::n_lower ( ) const [pure virtual]
virtual VectorOption& utility::options::VectorOption::n_lower ( Size const  n_a) [pure virtual]
virtual VectorOption& utility::options::VectorOption::n_upper ( Size const  n_a) [pure virtual]
virtual Size utility::options::VectorOption::n_upper ( ) const [pure virtual]
VectorOption& utility::options::VectorOption::operator= ( VectorOption const &  ) [inline, protected]

Copy assignment.

virtual VectorOption& utility::options::VectorOption::to_default ( ) [pure virtual]

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