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tools::CppParser::CppFunction Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __str__
def isDefalutArgWrappable
def writeFunctionDeclarationTypes
def getSimpleArgsType
def getArgTypes
def isWrapable
def getReturnValuePolicyString
def isCallbackStructNeeded
def writeCallbackCode
def wrap_prefix_code
def wrap
def getFileList
def __repr__

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

dictionary OperatorToCppNameMap = {'=':'assign', '()':'__call__', '[]':'__getitem__'}

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def tools::CppParser::CppFunction::__init__ (   self,
  memberFunction = False,
  const = False,
  constructor = False,
  const_overloaded = False 

Member Function Documentation

def tools::CppParser::CppFunction::__repr__ (   self)
def tools::CppParser::CppFunction::__str__ (   self)
Generate string representing function name and types (but no context information for function itself), like this: int foo(char a, bool b)
def tools::CppParser::CppFunction::getArgTypes (   self)
def tools::CppParser::CppFunction::getFileList (   self)
if self in exclude:
    return []

def tools::CppParser::CppFunction::getReturnValuePolicyString (   self)
def tools::CppParser::CppFunction::getSimpleArgsType (   self,
  constructor = False,
  withArgs = True,
  simplify = False 
def tools::CppParser::CppFunction::isCallbackStructNeeded (   self)
def tools::CppParser::CppFunction::isDefalutArgWrappable (   self,
check if default arg can be wrapped and return string for it, return epmty string castable to False otherwise
def tools::CppParser::CppFunction::isWrapable (   self)
Check if we can really wrap this object now, not theoretical but practically...
def tools::CppParser::CppFunction::wrap (   self,
  indent = '',
  wrappingScope = 'boost::python::',
  useCallbackStruct = '' 
def tools::CppParser::CppFunction::wrap_prefix_code (   self,
  indent = '' 
def tools::CppParser::CppFunction::writeCallbackCode (   self,
  indent = '' 
def tools::CppParser::CppFunction::writeFunctionDeclarationTypes (   self,
  withArgs = True,
  withDefaultArgs = False 

Member Data Documentation

dictionary tools::CppParser::CppFunction::OperatorToCppNameMap = {'=':'assign', '()':'__call__', '[]':'__getitem__'} [static]

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