Rosetta 3.3
Install SCons

SCons is an open source software construction tool ( The most distinctive thing about SCons is that its configuration files are actually scripts, written in the Python programming language. To build or install SCons, please read the SCons manual at

Basic Requirements

  scons version >= 0.96.1
  python version >= 2.2

You can download Scons from You probably want to at least be aware of the SCons User's Guide and manual page: and

SCons depends on Python, version 1.5 or later. Our use of it depends on features present only in Python 2.2 or later, so you need at least 2.2.


Rosetta comes packaged with a local version of SCons (requiring you to install only Python). To use this version of Scons, call the file external/scons-local/ within your Rosetta installation as your SCons executeable.

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