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protocols::toolbox::KMedoid Class Reference

Typical K-Medoids Clustering Algorithm. More...

#include <KCluster.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 KMedoid ()
bool whoami ()
Real get_threshold ()
void init (KClusterElementOP, Size first=0)
Real assign (KClusterElementOP, KClusterData &)
void update (KClusterElementOP, KClusterData &)
void set_threshold (Real)

Protected Member Functions

void copy_coord (Size, FA2d &, FA2d &)

Protected Attributes

Size cur_ncluster_
Real threshold_

Detailed Description

Typical K-Medoids Clustering Algorithm.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::toolbox::KMedoid::KMedoid ( )

References threshold_.

Member Function Documentation

Real protocols::toolbox::KMedoid::assign ( KClusterElementOP  c,
KClusterData d 
) [virtual]
void protocols::toolbox::KMedoid::copy_coord ( Size  len,
FA2d src,
FA2d dst 
) [protected]

Referenced by assign().

Real protocols::toolbox::KMedoid::get_threshold ( ) [virtual]

Implements protocols::toolbox::KCluster.

References threshold_.

void protocols::toolbox::KMedoid::init ( KClusterElementOP  c,
Size  first = 0 
) [virtual]
void protocols::toolbox::KMedoid::set_threshold ( Real  t) [virtual]
void protocols::toolbox::KMedoid::update ( KClusterElementOP  c,
KClusterData d 
) [virtual]
bool protocols::toolbox::KMedoid::whoami ( ) [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by assign(), init(), and update().

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