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core::conformation::signals::LengthEvent Struct Reference

signals a change in length of residues in a Conformation More...

#include <LengthEvent.hh>

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Public Types

enum  Tag {
 the type of length change More...
typedef core::Size Size
typedef GeneralEvent Super

Public Member Functions

 LengthEvent ()
 default constructor
 LengthEvent (Conformation const *conf, Tag const t, Size const &pos, int const &len_chg, Residue const *res)
 LengthEvent (LengthEvent const &rval)
 copy constructor
virtual ~LengthEvent ()
 default destructor
LengthEventoperator= (LengthEvent const &rval)
 copy assignment

Public Attributes

Tag tag
 tag indicating type of length change
Size position
 residue position where the event happened
int length_change
 overall length change of the conformation
ResidueCAP residue
 direct access to residue

Detailed Description

signals a change in length of residues in a Conformation

When accessing residue information, take care as to which data member you choose. For almost all situations the ResidueCAP 'residue' should be used instead of the Conformation. See remarks below.

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the type of length change


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

core::conformation::signals::LengthEvent::LengthEvent ( ) [inline]

default constructor

core::conformation::signals::LengthEvent::LengthEvent ( Conformation const *  conf,
Tag const  t,
Size const &  pos,
int const &  len_chg,
Residue const *  res 
) [inline]


ttype of length change
posresidue position
core::conformation::signals::LengthEvent::LengthEvent ( LengthEvent const &  rval) [inline]

copy constructor

virtual core::conformation::signals::LengthEvent::~LengthEvent ( ) [inline, virtual]

default destructor

Member Function Documentation

LengthEvent& core::conformation::signals::LengthEvent::operator= ( LengthEvent const &  rval) [inline]

Member Data Documentation

direct access to residue

Almost always want to use this to access the residue instead of the conformation. Calling Conformation::residue() can cause an internal update/re-sync inside Pose, which may have consequences if you're depending upon multiple residue operations to be setup (such as bond angle/length changes) prior to an internal update.

Referenced by core::pose::PDBInfo::on_length_change(), and operator=().

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