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protocols::frag_picker::scores::MakePhiPsiSquareWell Class Reference

Matker class that produces a new PhiPsiSquareWell object. More...

#include <PhiPsiSquareWell.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 MakePhiPsiSquareWell ()
FragmentScoringMethodOP make (Size, Real, bool, FragmentPickerOP, std::string)
 Creates a PhiPsiSquareWell scoring method.

Detailed Description

Matker class that produces a new PhiPsiSquareWell object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::frag_picker::scores::MakePhiPsiSquareWell::MakePhiPsiSquareWell ( ) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

FragmentScoringMethodOP protocols::frag_picker::scores::MakePhiPsiSquareWell::make ( Size  priority,
Real  lowest_acceptable_value,
bool  use_lowest,
FragmentPickerOP  ,
std::string  input_file 
) [virtual]

Creates a PhiPsiSquareWell scoring method.

priority- priority of the scoring method. The higher value the earlier the score will be evaluated
lowest_acceptable_value- if a calculated score is higher than this value, fragment will be neglected
FragmentPickerOPobject - not used
extras- additional parameters to create a new object. Allowed values are:
  • empty: then the maker tries to create a scoring object from a TALOS file trying in::file::talos_phi_psi flag. If fails, will try to use a pose from in::file::s
  • a pdb file, pdb extension is necessary. This will create a pose && steal Phi && Psi
  • a TALOS file with Phi/Psi prediction (tab extension is necessary)

Implements protocols::frag_picker::scores::MakeFragmentScoringMethod.

References core::import_pose::pose_from_pdb(), protocols::frag_picker::scores::trPhiPsiSquareWell(), and protocols::frag_picker::PhiPsiTalosIO::write().

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