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protocols::frag_picker::scores::DisulfideIdentity Class Reference

DisulfideIdentity score counts identical residues. More...

#include <DisulfideIdentity.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 DisulfideIdentity (Size priority, Real lowest_acceptable_value, bool use_lowest, std::string &fastaQueryDisulfide)
bool score (FragmentCandidateOP f, FragmentScoreMapOP empty_map)
bool describe_score (FragmentCandidateOP f, FragmentScoreMapOP empty_map, std::ostream &out)
 prints a detailed explanation how a fragment score has been computed

Detailed Description

DisulfideIdentity score counts identical residues.

Detailed: Resulting score is the number of identical residues
on corresponding positions in a vall fragment and a query sequence

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::frag_picker::scores::DisulfideIdentity::DisulfideIdentity ( Size  priority,
Real  lowest_acceptable_value,
bool  use_lowest,
std::string &  fastaQueryDisulfide 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

bool protocols::frag_picker::scores::DisulfideIdentity::describe_score ( FragmentCandidateOP  f,
FragmentScoreMapOP  empty_map,
std::ostream &  out 

prints a detailed explanation how a fragment score has been computed

Detailed: besides extensive output, the method should return the same result as score()

References protocols::frag_picker::scores::FragmentScoringMethod::id_, protocols::frag_picker::scores::FragmentScoringMethod::lowest_acceptable_value_, and protocols::frag_picker::scores::FragmentScoringMethod::use_lowest_.

bool protocols::frag_picker::scores::DisulfideIdentity::score ( FragmentCandidateOP  f,
FragmentScoreMapOP  empty_map 
) [virtual]

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