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protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup Class Reference

#include <ResiduePairJumpSetup.hh>

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class  JumpDef

Public Types

typedef utility::vector1
< JumpDef >::const_iterator 
typedef utility::vector1
< JumpDef >::iterator 

Public Member Functions

 ResiduePairJumpSetup ()
 ResiduePairJumpSetup (Size total_residue)
void add_jump (JumpDef const &jd)
void add_jump (Interval const &jump, Interval const &cut_reg)
void add_jump (core::Size js, core::Size je, core::Size crs, core::Size cre)
void add_residue_pair_jump (ResiduePairJumpOP ptr)
void set_root (core::Size root)
core::Size root () const
core::Size size () const
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const
void read_file (std::string file)
JumpSample create_jump_sample () const
virtual JumpSample clean_jumps (JumpSample const &js) const
 take from a given JumpSample only those Jumps, which could also have been created by create_jump_sample()
core::fragment::FragSetOP generate_jump_frags (JumpSample const &, core::kinematics::MoveMap const &mm) const
 returns an ordered FragSet that is compatible with the JumpSample default: generate jumps from ss-library according to JumpSample
core::Size total_residue () const
void clear ()

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::ResiduePairJumpSetup ( ) [inline]
protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::ResiduePairJumpSetup ( Size  total_residue) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::add_jump ( JumpDef const &  jd) [inline]

Referenced by add_jump().

void protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::add_jump ( Interval const &  jump,
Interval const &  cut_reg 
) [inline]

References add_jump().

void protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::add_jump ( core::Size  js,
core::Size  je,
core::Size  crs,
core::Size  cre 
) [inline]

References add_jump().

void protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::add_residue_pair_jump ( ResiduePairJumpOP  ptr) [inline]
const_iterator protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::begin ( ) const [inline]
virtual JumpSample protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::clean_jumps ( JumpSample const &  ) const [inline, virtual]

take from a given JumpSample only those Jumps, which could also have been created by create_jump_sample()

Implements protocols::jumping::BaseJumpSetup.

void protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::clear ( ) [inline]
JumpSample protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::create_jump_sample ( ) const [virtual]
const_iterator protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::end ( ) const [inline]
FragSetOP protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::generate_jump_frags ( JumpSample const &  jumps,
core::kinematics::MoveMap const &  mm 
) const [virtual]
void protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::read_file ( std::string  file)
core::Size protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::root ( ) const [inline]

Referenced by set_root().

void protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::set_root ( core::Size  root) [inline]

References root().

core::Size protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::size ( ) const [inline]
core::Size protocols::jumping::ResiduePairJumpSetup::total_residue ( ) const [inline]

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