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core::scoring::symmetry::SymmetricEnergies Class Reference

#include <SymmetricEnergies.hh>

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Public Types

typedef numeric::xyzMatrix< RealMatrix

Public Member Functions

 SymmetricEnergies ()
 ctor -- ensure correct initial state
 SymmetricEnergies (Energies const &src)
 copy ctor -- deep copy
 SymmetricEnergies (Energies &src)
 copy ctor -- deep copy
virtual Energies const & operator= (Energies const &rhs)
 assignment operator -- deep copy
virtual bool same_type_as_me (Energies const &other, bool recurse=true) const
 ~SymmetricEnergies ()
EnergiesOP clone () const
void set_derivative_graph (MinimizationGraphOP dg)
MinimizationGraphOP derivative_graph ()
MinimizationGraphCOP derivative_graph () const

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

core::scoring::symmetry::SymmetricEnergies::SymmetricEnergies ( )

ctor -- ensure correct initial state

Referenced by clone().

core::scoring::symmetry::SymmetricEnergies::SymmetricEnergies ( Energies const &  src)

copy ctor -- deep copy

core::scoring::symmetry::SymmetricEnergies::SymmetricEnergies ( Energies src)

copy ctor -- deep copy

core::scoring::symmetry::SymmetricEnergies::~SymmetricEnergies ( )

Member Function Documentation

EnergiesOP core::scoring::symmetry::SymmetricEnergies::clone ( ) const [virtual]

make a copy of this Energies( allocate actual memory for it )

Reimplemented from core::scoring::Energies.

References SymmetricEnergies().

MinimizationGraphOP core::scoring::symmetry::SymmetricEnergies::derivative_graph ( )
MinimizationGraphCOP core::scoring::symmetry::SymmetricEnergies::derivative_graph ( ) const
Energies const & core::scoring::symmetry::SymmetricEnergies::operator= ( Energies const &  rhs) [virtual]

assignment operator -- deep copy

Reimplemented from core::scoring::Energies.

bool core::scoring::symmetry::SymmetricEnergies::same_type_as_me ( Energies const &  other,
bool  recurse = true 
) const [virtual]

determine whether my type is the same as another Conformation's

Reimplemented from core::scoring::Energies.

References core::scoring::Energies::same_type_as_me().

void core::scoring::symmetry::SymmetricEnergies::set_derivative_graph ( MinimizationGraphOP  dg)

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