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src/core/chemical/AA.hh File Reference
#include <ostream>


namespace  core

A class for defining atom parameters, known as atom_types.

namespace  core::chemical


enum  core::chemical::AA {
  core::chemical::aa_ala = 1, core::chemical::aa_cys, core::chemical::aa_asp, core::chemical::aa_glu,
  core::chemical::aa_phe, core::chemical::aa_gly, core::chemical::aa_his, core::chemical::aa_ile,
  core::chemical::aa_lys, core::chemical::aa_leu, core::chemical::aa_met, core::chemical::aa_asn,
  core::chemical::aa_pro, core::chemical::aa_gln, core::chemical::aa_arg, core::chemical::aa_ser,
  core::chemical::aa_thr, core::chemical::aa_val, core::chemical::aa_trp, core::chemical::aa_tyr,
  core::chemical::num_canonical_aas = aa_tyr, core::chemical::na_ade, core::chemical::first_DNA_aa = na_ade, core::chemical::na_cyt,
  core::chemical::na_gua, core::chemical::na_thy, core::chemical::last_DNA_aa = na_thy, core::chemical::na_rgu,
  core::chemical::na_rad, core::chemical::na_rcy, core::chemical::na_ura, core::chemical::aa_vrt,
  core::chemical::aa_unk, core::chemical::num_aa_types = aa_unk
 enumeration for amino acids and nucleotides types with the total number as num_aa_types More...


AA core::chemical::aa_from_name (std::string const &name)
 give a AA string name and return its enum type
std::string core::chemical::name_from_aa (AA aa)
 give a enum type and return the string name
char core::chemical::oneletter_code_from_aa (AA aa)
 give a enum type and return the string name
AA core::chemical::aa_from_oneletter_code (char onelettercode)
 give a 1 letter code and return the string name
bool core::chemical::oneletter_code_specifies_aa (char onelettercode)
std::istream & core::chemical::operator>> (std::istream &is, AA &aa)
 input operator for AA enum type
std::ostream & core::chemical::operator<< (std::ostream &os, AA const &aa)
 output operator for AA enum type

Detailed Description

Phil Bradley
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