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src/core/chemical/ResConnID.hh File Reference
#include <core/chemical/ResConnID.fwd.hh>
#include <core/types.hh>


class  core::chemical::ResConnID
 The ResConnID could more properly be called the ResidueConnector. It stores the data necessary to describe how one ResidueConnection on a conformation::Residue is connected to the rest of the structure (Pose), by listing the other Residue's index and the ResidueConnection index. More...


namespace  core

A class for defining atom parameters, known as atom_types.

namespace  core::chemical


bool core::chemical::operator< (ResConnID const &lhs, ResConnID const &rhs)
bool core::chemical::operator== (ResConnID const &lhs, ResConnID const &rhs)
bool core::chemical::operator!= (ResConnID const &lhs, ResConnID const &rhs)
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