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src/core/pack/task/operation/ResLvlTaskOperationRegistrator.hh File Reference
#include <utility/factory/WidgetRegistrator.hh>
#include <core/pack/task/operation/ResLvlTaskOperationFactory.fwd.hh>


class  core::pack::task::operation::ResLvlTaskOperationRegistrator< T >
 This templated class will register an instance of an ResLvlTaskOperationCreator (class T) with the ResLvlTaskOperationFactory. It will ensure that no ResLvlTaskOperation creator is registered twice, and, centralizes this registration logic so that thread safety issues can be handled in one place. More...


namespace  core

A class for defining atom parameters, known as atom_types.

namespace  core::pack
namespace  core::pack::task
namespace  core::pack::task::operation
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