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protocols::frag_picker::scores::CSScore Class Reference

scores a fragment by the root mean square deviation of Phi and Psi angles. More...

#include <CSScore.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 CSScore (Size, Real, bool, CSTalosIO &)
 creates a Phi-Psi-based scoring function.
void do_caching (VallChunkOP)
void clean_up ()
bool score (FragmentCandidateOP, FragmentScoreMapOP)
bool cached_score (FragmentCandidateOP, FragmentScoreMapOP)

Detailed Description

scores a fragment by the root mean square deviation of Phi and Psi angles.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

protocols::frag_picker::scores::CSScore::CSScore ( Size  priority,
Real  lowest_acceptable_value,
bool  use_lowest,
CSTalosIO reader 

creates a Phi-Psi-based scoring function.

Detailed: Phi-Psi angles from a fragment will be compared to relevant angles in a given pose, which should have the same number of residues a the query sequence

References protocols::frag_picker::CS2ndShift::shifts(), and protocols::frag_picker::scores::trCSScore().

Member Function Documentation

bool protocols::frag_picker::scores::CSScore::cached_score ( FragmentCandidateOP  fragment,
FragmentScoreMapOP  scores 
) [virtual]
void protocols::frag_picker::scores::CSScore::clean_up ( ) [virtual]
void protocols::frag_picker::scores::CSScore::do_caching ( VallChunkOP  current_chunk) [virtual]
bool protocols::frag_picker::scores::CSScore::score ( FragmentCandidateOP  fragment,
FragmentScoreMapOP  scores 
) [virtual]

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