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src/protocols/abinitio/FoldConstraints.hh File Reference

Abinitio-Folding under (distance-)constraints. More...

#include <protocols/abinitio/FoldConstraints.fwd.hh>
#include <protocols/simple_moves/FragmentMover.fwd.hh>
#include <protocols/abinitio/ClassicAbinitio.hh>
#include <protocols/constraints_additional/MaxSeqSepConstraintSet.fwd.hh>
#include <core/pose/Pose.fwd.hh>
#include <core/kinematics/MoveMap.fwd.hh>
#include <core/kinematics/ShortestPathInFoldTree.fwd.hh>
#include <core/types.hh>
#include <core/scoring/ScoreFunction.fwd.hh>
#include <core/scoring/ScoreType.hh>
#include <core/kinematics/FoldTree.fwd.hh>
#include <protocols/moves/Mover.hh>
#include <utility/vector1.fwd.hh>
#include <utility/pointer/ReferenceCount.hh>
#include <string>
#include <protocols/simple_moves/MinMover.fwd.hh>
#include <utility/vector1.hh>


class  protocols::abinitio::FoldConstraints
 extension of ClassicAbinitio Protocol to adapt the folding process for the presence of distance constraints Main Function: switch distance constraints based on distance in the FoldTree ( i.e., in sequence for simple FoldTrees ) This is achieved by replacing the pose's ConstraintSet with the special purpose class MaxSeqSepConstraintSet the latter class will only score constraints that are sufficiently close in FoldTree/Sequence ( as controlled by the threshold with set_max_seq_sep() ) the protocol ranks up the max_seq_sep parameter while folding proceeds through the stages. to this extend it overloads methods prepare_stageX() do_stage1_cycles() More...


namespace  protocols

The instance of Loops contained by AbrelaxApplication should be replaced by a LoopsOP.

namespace  protocols::abinitio

Detailed Description

Abinitio-Folding under (distance-)constraints.

Oliver Lange
extension of classic Foldconstraints Protocol to enable jumping
Oliver Lange
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