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core::scoring::dssp::Pairing Class Reference

#include <PairingsList.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 Pairing ()
 Pairing (core::Size pos1_in, core::Size pos2_in)
 Pairing (ObjexxFCL::FArray1A_int)
 Pairing (core::Size pos1_in, core::Size pos2_in, core::Size ori_in, core::Size pleat_in)
Size Pos1 () const
void Pos1 (Size pos1)
Size Pos2 () const
void Pos2 (Size pos2)
Size Orientation () const
void Orientation (Size orientation)
Size Pleating () const
void Pleating (Size pleating)
Pairing reverse ()
 reverses the Pairing
Pairing generate_reversed () const
 returns a new reversed pairing
bool is_parallel () const
bool is_anti () const
bool is_inwards () const
bool is_outwards () const
bool operator== (Pairing const &p) const
Size get_register ()
bool operator< (Pairing const &p) const

Static Public Attributes

static core::Size const ANTI = 1
 constant values that define orientation
static core::Size const PARALLEL = 2
static core::Size const OUTWARDS = 1
static core::Size const INWARDS = 2

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::Pairing ( ) [inline]
core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::Pairing ( core::Size  pos1_in,
core::Size  pos2_in 
) [inline]
core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::Pairing ( ObjexxFCL::FArray1A_int  data)
core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::Pairing ( core::Size  pos1_in,
core::Size  pos2_in,
core::Size  ori_in,
core::Size  pleat_in 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

Pairing core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::generate_reversed ( ) const

returns a new reversed pairing

References reverse().

Size core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::get_register ( ) [inline]

References is_anti(), Pos1(), and Pos2().

bool core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::is_anti ( ) const [inline]
bool core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::is_inwards ( ) const [inline]

References INWARDS.

Referenced by core::scoring::dssp::operator<<().

bool core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::is_outwards ( ) const [inline]

References OUTWARDS.

bool core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::is_parallel ( ) const [inline]

References PARALLEL.

Referenced by core::scoring::dssp::operator<<().

bool core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::operator< ( Pairing const &  p) const [inline]

References Orientation(), Pleating(), Pos1(), and Pos2().

bool core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::operator== ( Pairing const &  p) const [inline]

References Orientation(), Pleating(), Pos1(), and Pos2().

Size core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::Orientation ( ) const [inline]
void core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::Orientation ( Size  orientation) [inline]
void core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::Pleating ( Size  pleating) [inline]
Size core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::Pleating ( ) const [inline]
Size core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::Pos1 ( ) const [inline]
void core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::Pos1 ( Size  pos1) [inline]
void core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::Pos2 ( Size  pos2) [inline]
Size core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::Pos2 ( ) const [inline]
Pairing core::scoring::dssp::Pairing::reverse ( )

Member Data Documentation

constant values that define orientation

Referenced by is_anti().

Referenced by is_inwards().

Referenced by is_outwards().

Referenced by is_parallel().

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